• Agistri: exotic beaches and pine by the waves ...

Adorned with dense pine forests, beaches with exotic colors, picturesque villages and leeward harbors, Agistri sailing in the Saronic is an enchanting with its overwhelming beauty. Worth to discover and live the unforgettable moments ...

Text - Photos: Ioanna Paravalou

A breath away from Athens, Agistri is a small earthly "paradise"!  It is an ideal destination even for a long or short weekend as arrive, after just one hour by Flying Dolphin or two hours by ferry boat from the port of Piraeus.  Pine trees cover most of the island, whose total area is only 14 sq. kilometers. A large network of paths is waiting you to walk and breathe the scents of the forest. On beaches with turquoise waters you can enjoy swimming and other water sports. Around Agistri there are many small islands (Metopi, Dorousa, Kyra and Spalathronisi), with idyllic bays, which you can visit by boat, sailboat, or speedboat.

Agistri on a walk ...

On the island there are two ports: Megalochori or Milos (the capital), which adjoin the Flying Dolphins and Skala where ferry docks.  Skala is assemblage of life where there are stylish hotels in front of the sandy beach with crystal clear waters, restaurants, fish taverns, cafes and bars. The fun here is for all tastes ... Next to the beach the whitewashed church of Agioi Anargyroi is overtop with the impressive blue dome.  If we continue along the coast to the west, from Skala we will reach the village of Skliri, with beautiful houses surrounded by greenery and magnificent sea views. The road continues to the end of the village and from there we continue through a forest trail to reach the beautiful beach of Chalikiada, with its impressive exotic colors.


Another notable settlement on the island is Metochi.  This a beautiful village, with homes of blooming courtyards and ornate gardens, which enjoy incredible views to Skala, Megalochori, and the surrounding islands up to Aegina. At the highest point you will discover a picturesque tavern.

In the sheltered harbor of Megalochori the "Flying Dolphins" from Piraeus arrive and you will find leeward sailboats, yachts and fishing boats on the island. Also known as Milos (Mill), from the island’s sole flourmill that operated until 60s. Past the hotels and apartments we enter the center of the village, where we leave the car to walk to the picturesque, clean neighborhoods, ranging from the Church of Zoodochos Pigi. Here you will discover beautiful corners, renovated and old houses with the atmosphere of bygone times and well groomed abloom gardens.  In the picturesque streets of the Mill, behind the church, we visit «Thaymatopoieio" to admire and buy handmade jewelry and ornaments made from natural ingredients of nature from the island and great taste of their creators.

From Limenaria up to exotic Aponnisos ...

Within the wooded surroundings of pines, olive trees and cypresses is one of the most beautiful villages of the island, Limenaria. Walking in the traditional neighborhoods we see old stone houses, groomed flower-filled gardens, while in the village square, where stands the church of Agia Kyriaki.  There is also a tavern - cafe to rest for a while drinking our coffee or enjoying something delicious. Walking from the square for about ten minutes, you will arrive at a magnificent location in the green, rocky beach, Mareza or Mariza, with deep blue sea, ideal for diving off the rocks and spearfishing.

Leaving Limenaria, we will visit one of the most notable beaches of the island, Aponisos with impressive exotic colors and a good fish tavern by the sea for ouzo , fresh fish and seafood. The island which is joined with a bridge and enjoyed the best view, we will find seaside umbrellas and sunbeds. On our way here we will meet the lake on the island. In the background, on top of the hill, we see the white church of Prophet Elias, which overlooks the sea and the whole island ... Favorite beach, flooded by pines, is Dragonera (or Dragounera), with a canteen and a few sun loungers, ideal to enjoy the sun and the sea ...

The afternoon finds us in Skala and it is the best time for a romantic stroll on a chaise buggy, following the coastal road up to Megalochori and enjoying the magnificent sunset ...

Leaving Agistri, we are full of strength and well-being, which generously gave us this small island with its rich natural beauty.


Alternative tourism activities

Hiking: Agistri Professionals Association, in cooperation with the municipality, the Agistri Professionals Association has made a considerable effort to develop a network of walking paths on the island.  A wonderful and dramatic network hiking paths undertaken by the company PathsofGreece

Bicycle: An interesting route is from Skala up to Megalochori beside the waves ... Of course, we can enjoy cycling along the forest paths with pine trees and olive groves. On the island we can take our bike or rent one for the day.

• Agistri, besides swimming, is an ideal place for sea kayak, windsurfing and waterskiing. The rocky seabed in many places of the island is ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Information on the activities on the island: Mr. Michael Panol (Skala), tel .: 22970-91085, 6974 060932. e-mail:

Scuba Diving Agistri: tel .: 22970-91608, 6944 842041,



How to get there:

By ferry boat from the port of Piraeus (passengers and vehicles), daily. Trip duration: 2 hours. (Hellenic Seaways: 210-4117341, 210-4199000,

With "Flying Dolphins" (passengers only) from the port of Piraeus, daily schedules. Trip duration: 55 min. (Hellas Flying Dolphins: Agistri: 22970-4199200. Aegean Flying Dolphins: 210-4121654).

Where to stay:

«Oasis Scala Beach» (Skala): tel.: 22970-91085,

«Kekrifalia Hotel» (Skliri): tel.: 22970-91596, 6977 418797,

«Hotel Andreas» (Skala): tel.: 22970-91346,

«Hotel Mylos», (Milos): tel.: 22970-91574,

«Hotel Saronis» (Skala): tel.: 22970-91394, 6972 216763,

«Agistri Club» (Skliri): tel.: 6932 607308,

«Aquarius Village» (Skala): tel.: 22970-91302, 6977 462853,


Where to eat:

"Oasis" ( Skala beach  tel. 22970-91085), "Aponisos" (Aponisos beach, tel.: 6937 066 851), "Moschos” (Skala, tel. 22970-91644), "Ligo krasi, ligo thalassa ... "(Skala, tel. 22970-91691),  ”Toxotis”(Skala, tel. 22970-91283), “Kafenes" (Milos, tel. 22970-91357),"Gyrokomeion" (Skala, tel. 22970-91293), “Rosy's Little Village” (tel. 22970-91610), "Psarovarka" (Skala, tel. 22970-91626).

For dessert ...

“Ola” (Skala) for frozen yogurt and homemade pastries (tel. 22970-91693).


Where to have fun:

“Taboo” (tel. : 6909 585559), “Oasis” (tel.:  22970-91085), "Kastro" (tel.: 22970-91357), “Quadrant” (tel.: 22970-29550), “Quattro” (tel.: 22970-91447), “Sun Rise” (tel.: 22970-91419), “Aquarius” (tel.: 22970-91302), “Agistri Club” (tel.: 6932 607308).

What to buy:

• From «Thaymatopoieio», in Megalochori (tel.: 22970-91279) will select handmade jewelry and ornaments with natural materials.

• From "Paradosiaka of Alexandra" in Skala (tel. 22970-91181) will buy traditional sweets made with care (Agistri 'fish’, almond macaroon, baklava, pistachios, liqueur and sweets).

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