Trikala of Corinth

                    Trikala Corinth



The Attiki Odos offer you actually fast access to Corinth. From there, let me relax a tiny bit and reduce the speed of the car enjoying the old national road towards Patras and of course there is the alternative of the new with the same parameters. The coastal path will lead to peace and security in Xilokastro and from there the signs will orient to the final destination, the trilogy of Trikala, the small distance of 65 km. From Corinth.

  The uphill moves with serpentine variations between low slopes with low vegetation to the crossroads village Panariti. The sequel, however, is interesting because the mountains begin to thicken the forest cover, their nature is once again the favorite color of green, and deepens the canyons are impressive.


Not to later arrive in the first district, Kato Trikala, experiencing a completely different reality than the other two districts. Pure and simple rural, beautiful grape production (direct consequence of the latter preparation remarkable quality wines), picturesque and warm human.

  Within 2 and 4 km. Bit higher, respectively, are the Middle and Upper Trikala. With very good tourist infrastructure and growing number of visitors, a magnet for short or long holidays all year round.

  All three villages are built on the slopes of the Zireia Kyllinis or at an average altitude of 900 meters and surrounded by dense fir forests.
The picturesque, natural surroundings with the beautiful slopes and canyons (paradise for hikers), the beautiful churches and traditional buildings of three districts Trikala advocate in making a quick decision to experience this unique corner of Greece.

The attractions are many and significant. Starting from Kato Trikala, the visitor can see the impressive church of Ag., 1697, the expressionist paintings type. In Trikala, may continue to visit the Monastery of Our Lady, built around 1700, by Bishop Gregory of Corinth Notaras.

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