Serifos… the erotic island

Serifos… the erotic island

Serifos is the 42nd island of the Aegean Sea in size. It covers 77,8 sq. kms, and is almost round. Its terrain is in strong relief, with mountains covering the island’s centre, and two small characteristic plateaus, “Kampos tou Alexandrou” and Livadera.

The Hora
(capital) is unique and unparalleled in beauty, shape and formation. The natural environment has dictated and formed the architecture of this beautiful settlement. Sharp inclines, hard, indestructible granite, very few flat spaces. The houses are small, flat-roofed, unispaced and low-ceilinged.

There are some two and three-storey buildings inside the Kastro (Fortress), and some more spacious houses in the neighborhoods outside the Kastro. Many churches, one next to the other, can be seen inside the Kastro. The village has been inhabited incessantly for the last 2,800 years, and so far, it has not been mutilated architecturally. Other villages on the island include Panagia, Galani, Kentarhos, Ramos, Livadi (the port), Koutalas, Mega Livadi and also the newer holiday settlements of Sykamia, Platys Gialos, Ai Giannis, Ganema and Avyssalos. The Taxiarches (Archangels) monastery, the religious, educational and financial centre of Serifos during the entire period of Turkish rule and up to the end of the 19th century, was built in 1572 and dominates the northern edge of the island.

Its temple, an excellent sample of cross-shaped Aegean ecclesiastical architecture, and relatively well preserved, is located in the centre of the complex. The monastery’s sacristy contains manuscripts, paper codicils, ecclesiastical relics and valuable unpublished files of documents from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. The icons of the templon, the work of a Cretan hagiographer and cleric, Emmanuel Skordilis, are an excellent sample of the Cretan school of hagiography. The Taxiarches monastery, during its centuries-long existence, became famous in all of the Aegean because of the miracles performed there by the Archangel Michael

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