Euboea Limni (Lake): full of beauties…


Walk beside the waves, take an excursion to forested slopes with roaring rivers and see impressive waterfalls, visit the historical monasteries, the medieval towers, and plunge into crystal clear waters!  While on the beach Octopus baked in embers awaits you...


Text - Photos: Ioanna Paravalou


Generously endowed by nature North Euboea seems to vacillate for years between two... loves: the serene Euboean Gulf and the unpredictable Aegean Sea. Without realizing it, from the fir trees and verdant mountaintops ... you will find yourself at the most beautiful beach, drinking ouzo while you listen to the waves! This is Euboea Limni’s hidden charm.

A few hours separate Euboea from Athens, and therefore it is ideal for a weekend excursion in calm, relaxing pace, with walks in the forests, but also next to the waves, enjoying a mountain, a the sea and ... your friends of course. Among the villages of North Euboea, we distinguished Limni, the picturesque maritime State, which still keeps its color and personality...


In the paths of yesterday…

Life in Limni has a history from the 2nd millennium BC. Here, according to the researchers, the ancient city Elymnion is located. The "Nymphikon Elymnion" by Sophocles, is connected to the first date of Zeus and Hera, thanks to its seamanship experienced in the glorious days of the Roman and post-Byzantine period. The pirates, however, "fell in love" with it, and tried to conquer it. For this reason, the settlement was moved up the mountain to Kastria and Panagia, around 900 AD.  Then the people moved back to the beach in the middle of the 16th century, so the current city of Limni was built. In 1790 is observed a wave of migration to Skiathos, founding the Limniotiki district, “Limnia”. During the Turkish domination, its seamanship still booming and in the year of liberation, Limni prospers again, creating remarkable commercial fleet. They came, however, upon difficult times ... However most of the development seems to have occurred in the 19th and 20th century.



Stroll through its neighborhoods…


The best way to discover Limni is walking ... Built amphitheatrically, with its eyes on the serene waters of Euboean Gulf, it largely retains its picturesque beauty.  In its clean neighborhoods you unearth mansions with old coats of arms and the feel of its seamanship. Houses built tight together, most of them with tiles roofs, maintain the insular nature of the place.

The Cathedral of the Nativity of Theotokos - “Panagia Limnia” (1837) with marble bell tower is the religious monument of Limni. Next to it, is the church of Agios Nikolaos (1879). The central square of Heroes filled with palm trees and intense traffic.


The road leads to the beach with the impressive reconstructed Skala. From here the old time sailboats of Limni sail their long journeys... Walking along the coastal road to the left, you will see mansions that overlook the sea all the way to the end and the hermitage of Osios Christodoulos of Patmos. In front of it, is the Proskopeio (Sailors Scouts Club) who “plays” with the waves… In the area “Tampakaria” operated previously tanneries.

Moving opposite, to the area Katounia, you pass the harbor of Limni and the impressive Building Mela.  A little further down is the ruined buildings of the resin processing factories that once were flourished.  And at the sea and waves is the chapel of Agios Ioannis.

The most boatful view of Limni can be seen from the chapel of Agios Nikolaos.

There is also a nice view to enjoy from the church of Agios Athanasios.

In the city there is the small chapel of Zoodochos Pigi, which is built on the ruins of an earlier Christian Basilica. In the chapel is preserved a mosaic floor (late 5th - early 6th century AD), which representing fish swimming.

Undoubtedly, it is worth a visit to the Folklore Museum of Limni, with precious relics and records, which reveal the course of Limni over the years ..

In Limni, a must see is the remarkable Exhibition of Traditional Greek Costumes with traditional costumes from Limni, Euboea, but also from all over Greece. It is a life a work of Mr. Andreas Papageorgiou (Peris).

A magical journey between blue waters and green landscape will take you from Limni to the historic Monastery Galataki (9 klm). It is dedicated to Agios Nikolaos. Here there was formerly a Temple of Poseidon, according to the legend in an area with an impressive medieval tower in the square.


Starting from Limni…

It’s a short drive up to Rovies, with its Medieval Tower from 1256, which stands imposingly in the village and belongs to Mr. Antonis Baret. From Rovies with its beautiful beach and taverns by the sea, venture up to the mountain to visit the Monastery of Osios David and continue up viewing the incredibly beautiful landscape, the Waterfalls of Drymonas.  Continue walking for a while in the overgrown path leading to idyllic waterfalls and one can walk all the way through the forest, following the marked path.

A beautiful excursion is also up to Agia Anna for a visit to the interesting Museum of Folk Art and Rural Life, the vision and life's work of the teacher and folklorist Mr. Dimitris Chr. Setta.

For dives in the water of Aegean Sea we will descend to the famous beach of Agali. For swimming there is the beach Psaropouli under Vasilika and the beach of Ellinika with the picturesque islet of Agios Nikolaos in their bay.

An interesting route will bring you to a very important area, near Mantoudi, where the ruins of the ancient Kirinthos, are located in a dreamy landscape, facing the Aegean Sea, which is expected to be excavated. There poured into the Aegean Sea is the river Nileas or Arapis (with rich fauna and flora), near the area Krya Vrisi, having first joined the river Kireas and form Voudouro River. In the Gorge of Nileas lies the impressive Rock of Bolovinaina.

For hikers and nature lovers North Euboea is a true paradise. The overgrown Mount Kantili, and Mount Telethrio are suggested for hiking expeditions and there are many bridges in North Euboea you can discover.  Outside the village Dafnousa is the old stone Tower Drazi well worth the visit.


Site’s flavors…

The night falls fast and it is time for rest and good food. Fresh fish and excellent grilled octopus, and traditional tiganopsoma (tyropitaria), pasta in clay casserole with lamb or goat, bourekia with spinach and egg-cheese-pie are prepared while you clink glasses with fine wine or ouzo. The fun continues in the bars of Limni, as much as the heart withstands…


Alternative tourism activities


·       Hiking: Follow the nice path leading to Waterfalls of Drymonas, with the verdant pond at its base and continue to the end of the trail (about 800 m) and go down to the river. The route is magnificent and perfect even for beginners.

·       Crossing the Gorge of Nileas or Bolovinaina, with the impressive Rock of Bolovinaina, which has its own history, however an experienced mountain guide who knows the region well is highly recommended.

·       Bicycle: The coastal road of Limni is ideal for cycling up to the Monastery Galataki, moving between the lush green vegetation and blue of the sea. Trips like this can be combined with swimming at the magnificent beaches, at the base of Mount Kantili.

·       Windsurfing at the beach of Limni to Proskopeio.


Cultural events


The Municipality of Mantoudi - Limni – Agia Anna organizes events throughout the year, but especially during the summer, with cultural events, such as art exhibitions, interesting lectures, musical evenings, feasts with folk dances and songs in villages’ squares, culminating in fifteenth of August in Limni with phantasmagoric naval celebration, the "Elymnia", which is worth seeing and certainly this night will remain unforgettable.





How to get there:

  1. From route via Chalkis, will go from Athens 85 klm until Chalkis and from there another 70 klm to Limni.   


  1. From the Athens-Lamia National Road will move from the ferry port of Arkitsa to Edipsos (Athens - Arkitsa: 150 klm). Information on itineraries: 22330-91121 (Arkitsa) and 22260-23330 (Edipsos). (Travel time: 45 minutes). Edipsos – Limni: Half an hour.



Where to stay:




«Vateri»: tel.: 22270-32493-4,


«Kaminos Resort»: tel.: 22270-31000,


«Ostria»: tel.: 22270-32248,


«Amaltheia»: tel.: 22270-29103, 6977 430606.




«Eleonas»: tel.: 22270-71619,

«Rodi»: tel.: 22270-71666, 6942840550,




Where to eat:

In the taverns of Limni you will enjoy seafood delicacies and traditional tastes. Choose among the following:

«Lampros» (tel.: 22270-71350), «Stous 7 Anemous» (tel.: 22270-32121),

«Bella Vista» (tel.: 22270-31418), «Astron» (tel.: 22270-31487),

«Kyma» (tel.: 22270-32260), «Fyki» (tel.: 22270-32411), «Palia Plateia» (tel.: 6972 660469).

In the village Dafni: «Paradeisos» (tel.: 22270-92172).







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